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News plate 2021 honeycombs ribs.

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N. 03 Squadre Scatolate mm. 2500X1000X1000 N. 10 cave a T mm. 22H12, € 26.700,00

Squadra nuova mm. 1500x1000x700 6 cave a T mm. 22/28H12 € 7.300,00
Squadra nuova mm. 2000x1000x800 8 cave a T mm. 22/28H12 € 8.900,00
Squadra nuova mm. 2500x1000x1000 10 cave a T mm. 22/28 H12 € 10.700,00
Squadra nuova mm. 3000x1000x1000 12 cave a T mm. 22/28 H12 € 11.900,00
Piani nuovi con cave a T H 300 prezzi speciali Tutto il materiale è MADE IN ITALY

Joint venture

Our company was established at the end of the 1930s. Originally opened as a mechanical workshop performing machining work for third parties (general mechanics), it is now a strong player in the market of design and manufacture of equipment and structures for machine tools.


We manufacture and design products for the following sectors: machine tools, the automotive field, steam engineering, industrial systems and components, machines and measuring instruments. Equipped with a dynamic & flexible structure, Jecom International S.r.l. assesses every request.


Our products are designed and manufactured using an EPS (polystyrene) model. Every dimension meets the customer’s specification, guaranteeing a competitive price. Jecom International S.r.l. was the first Italian company to use, design and develop this new method.


Our sales office is at your complete disposal for any enquiries you may have and will prepare customised quotes to meet your requirements.
Complete control of the entire design and manufacturing process for the article commissioned is one of our strong points.