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Evolution & technology

Our company was established in 1938 as a mechanical workshop specialised in third party machining (general mechanics). The subsequent introduction of surface plates led it to become a leader in the supply of measurement and control instruments. To meet the demand from important customers, both in Italy and abroad, the company later started to design and manufacture slotting machines.

Following this, with the evolution of the market for machine tools, such as fixed and mobile column boring mills, our company introduced the use of Squares in mechanical machining, acquiring a wealth of experience over the years to create a product tested and manufactured up to a maximum height of 6,000 mm.

Our product range includes plates, cubes, tables, uppertables and shoulders, offering our customers a choice of 56 articles.
They are designed and manufactured using an EPS model (polystyrene). Every dimension meets the customer’s specification, resulting in a competitive price. Jecom International S.r.l. was the first Italian company to use, design and develop this innovative method for creating castings, which offers great savings in terms of time and costs compared to traditional wooden models with costly core boxes.

Our technical department is at your disposal for the design, production of the model and relative machining of the piece.
We would be happy to offer advice concerning any issues related to special constructions, creating complete solutions distinguished by maximum reliability, competitive pricing, quality and precision.

The castings are produced exclusively in Italy. To reduce costs, our company has established a joint venture with an important foundry (given what a high influence raw material has on the finished product), placing it at your disposal for any type of casting: pearlitic, spheroidal, etc. (See Fonderia Dairaghese Brochure).

All of our products are made of G30 pearlitic cast iron with hardness values of between 190 and 220 HB, offering excellent impact resistance and therefore resistance to dents.
Stabilisation occurs through a constant and controlled post-casting temperature reduction system, which eliminates all of the residual tension caused by violent changes in temperature and gives the product structural stability, both during the mechanical machining process and when in use. The max. weight of the casting is 30,000 kg.

The machining process is performed using the technical drawing prepared by us and subsequently approved by the customer. Our machinery includes:

  • Milling-planing machines (Dimensions: 15,000 x 3,000 - 12,500 x 2,600 - 13,000 x 3,000 - 11,000 x 3,700)
  • Mobile column boring mill: 6,000 x 3,000
  • Max. machinable weight: 30,000 kg.

All machining is performed in accordance with DIN 876 for flatness and DIN 650 for T-slots (Technical Datasheet G30).

Perpendicularity DIN 875

DIN 875 refers to the orthogonality of the machined surfaces. This standard applies to all pieces that require precision on one or more 90° angles.
The DIN standard related to orthogonality or perpendicularity between two surfaces regulates the maximum deviation of adjacent surfaces, in relation to the degree of precision required, compared to a fixed value of 90° (Flatness Table - T-slots Table). Said deviation is obtained using the following formula:

Calculation of deviation

A planing step of 10 mm. is recommended for the surface finish of the plate. Said finish ensures homogeneous flatness across the entire surface and prevents a suction effect between the plate and the piece to be machined.

All of the products manufactured by Jecom International S.r.l. are tested using an electronic level and (in the case of very long pieces) an autocollimator. We keep copies of the certificates (casting - machining) with the relative serial number, which can be issued on receipt of a specific request from a customer.

The trust our company has gained from its numerous customers is the best guarantee of the excellent work we perform every day.