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Who we are

  • 1938 Opens as a mechanical workshop machining machine components, established by Mr. Arturo Colombo
  • 1956 Starts producing small and medium-sized surface and marking plates
  • 1965 The production of large surface plates begins in cooperation with a German Company. At the same time, to meet demand from the German market, the construction of Slotting machine tools begins
  • 1972 Start and development of cooperation between major Italian manufacturers of cars (and associated products), with regard to marking plates. The company was handed over to the sons Giancarlo and Ermanno Colombo
  • 1987 First designs and relative prototypes of castings using the new technique with models in EPS polystyrene, without extracting the model. They allow customers to meet their dimensional needs without entailing further costs in the design and manufacture of the same
  • 1992 As the evolution of the market for milling and boring machines strengthened, so began the design and construction of cast iron squares (H = 3,000 mm.)
  • 1995 Thanks to the polystyrene models, the first pair of H=5000 mm. squares were made and delivered to a company named Rodolfo Comerio
  • 2000 The first H = 6,000 mm. square was created for the company Pama
  • 2008 Third generation: Mr Evandro Colombo
  • 2013 Design of H = 8,000 mm. square for an important Italian manufacturer of steel structures
  • 2014 Establishment of a joint venture with an important foundry as the raw material has a significant impact on our finished product, so as to guarantee faster and more competitive deliveries to customers
  • 2017 The fourth generation begins and at the same time the first studies begin to offer our customers the same structures, built in cast iron, the possible possibility of manufacturing in steel, without however damaging the quality of our items
  • 2019 Important investment in wooden models for the construction of clamping surfaces with T-slots, with octagonal ribs or honeycomb
  • 2020 Study and testing to create squares and cubes searching, with various tests, the most suitable material (electro-welded)
  • 2021 The competitiveness and the results obtained allow us to obtain new foreign markets: Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria. Especially with the automotive test plans.